Norton Shakespeare now available!

The Third Edition of the Norton Shakespeare is now available. After years of work by General Editor Stephen Greenblatt and fellow editors Walter Cohen, Jean E. Howard, Katharine Eisaman Maus, Gordon McMullan, and Suzanne Gossett, the new edition features an enhanced digital edition and offers students a great reading experience in two forms – a hardcover volume for their dorm shelf and a digital edition ideal for in-class use.

The Norton Shakespeare brings to readers a meticulously edited new text that reflects current textual-editing scholarship and introduces innovative pedagogic features. Created by an expert international team of textual editors, the digital edition offers early authoritative texts for each of Shakespeare’s works in editions free from excessive emendation and intervention. The digital edition makes available 17 additional fully glossed and annotated versions of the plays. The print edition includes one text of every play and poem, but continues the Norton Shakespeare signature of including multiple texts of King Lear and, now, Hamlet.

Copyright: Stephen Greenblatt,


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