Dante e l'economia. Un grande convegno a Lugano nel 2021 per riflettere sull'utopia dantesca

June 11, 2020

I supplementari

May 9, 2020

L'attualità di Wyeth

April 3, 2020

Forgotten Spanish Women Authors : Las Sinsombrero and Switzerland

May 7, 2019

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October 9, 2018

I am a synesthete. If I listen to music, my brain immediately tunes in to those frequencies and can't help but live within the colourful sounds that spring and spread through the air. Music is an inspiration and today I want to talk about what happens to me when I listen to the voice of Moran Magal. It’s an instantly recognizable voice, with its smooth and sweet colouring, a voice that has the ability to take me back in time to that period of one’s youth when everything is still so mysterious, violent, with blinding lights, colours a dense purple and deep black, one’s emotions so intense. Accompanied by the sound of Moran's voice, I thus begin a lengthy pilgrimage along the streets of the world, carrying only a bag on my back containing all of my hopes, and leaning on my pen like a walking stick. I need many centuries, multiplied by the lives I've lived, beginning over and over from scratch, without ever fully living one out, because I know that my life is a mixture of earth and indist...

October 8, 2018

I was 14 when I first listened to a vinyl record by Lluís Llach and it was immediately clear to me that the ancient and clandestine language in which the songwriter expressed himself would have accompanied me for a long time in the years to come. Llach is one of the main representatives of Nova cançó (New Song), a movement of musicians, and singers who defied Francisco Franco's dictatorship by singing political songs in Catalan during a time where the language, and all other cultural manifestations of Catalan identity were prohibited. His famous song L’Estaca, meaning "the stake", was composed in 1968 (a year that marked the European culture) and tells of a rotten stick about to fall (as an image of Franco's regime). In the early 1990s, some years after my first virtual meeting with Llach, the press office of the artist, knowing that I was working on the Italian translation of his lyrics, sent me all his records and CDs. That was one of the most welcomed unexpe...

September 5, 2018


Artists may sometimes offer us alternative versions of - and even redemptive visions for- our troubled world.
In a country as small and as young as Israel, artists have traditionally served an important role in collective identity formation and in the nation-building process. As Rachel Tzvia pointed out in her book With an Iron Pen.Twenty Years of Hebrew Protest Poetry, poets through the better part of the twentieth century, were expected to produce a narrative implicitly reflective and supportive of official government policies, which were seen as synonymous with the desires of the people. Hebrew even has a term for this literary phenomenon: shirah meguyeset (mobilized poetry), a poetry that speaks in the name of the nation, carrying the patriotic flag into battle. Nevertheless, there are always been voices of protest against the anti-Palestinian policies, voices of solidarity with Palestine. There are artists in Israel who do not speak in the nam...

July 4, 2018

L’Altro Stato e il sogno utopico di Shalom-Salām

Il male e la sofferenza – di un corpo o di una mente – sono sempre connessi ad una causa. Individuare l'origine del male è il primo passo per determinarne la possibile cura. Immaginiamo, ora, il mondo come un essere sofferente. Uno dei mali che lo affligge da più di mezzo secolo è il terrorismo.  Il dolore, nel corpo e nella mente umana, molto spesso è causato da un’assenza di equilibrio, che a volte si tende persino ad associare ad una colpa. In molti sono portati, per un retaggio culturale giudaico-cristiano, a vedere il male come la conseguenza di un peccato. 

Allora, se si vuole individuare la faute d'origine che ha causato il male del terrorismo, facciamo un’incursione rapida nella storia e cerchiamone i responsabili, forse così potremo anche comprendere qual è la possibile cura.

Il peccato originale, la colpa dell’Occidente all’origine del male del terrorismo (che definiamo, erroneamente, islamico) risale agli inizi del Nov...

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