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Born inside the University of Zurich, ENERGIE9 (ISSN 2504-5350) is a Swiss no profit online Journal whose name comes from Energie Nove (New Energies), the Italian political and literary journal (founded by Piero Gobetti at the age of 17, strongly influenced by Antonio Gramsci) that promoted the cause and action of cultural renewal. The first issue of the journal came out on 1 November 1918. Our first issue has been made  available online from the month of June 2017.


As its ancestor, ENERGIEaims to awaken the movement of ideas, and promote culture (quote from P. Gobetti, Letter to Ada, 1918, cfr. A Life of Resistance: Ada Prospero Marchesini Gobetti (1902-1968), by Jomarie Alano, University of Rochester Press, 2017). It is devoted to book reviews and to theoretical and empirical scientific research works in the field of humanities (visual, verbal and musical arts). You will also find our most interesting articles on our page.

ENERGIE9 is therefore a Differently Academic Journal of Culture News, Previews, Reviews, that distances itself from classical views on culture and attempts to stimulate and promote new and ingenious ideas, artists and authors, striving to be innovative in all its aspects. This also means that ENERGIE9’s mission is to continue reinventing itself, and should never take its vision, goals, structure or operations for granted.

Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: C. La Monaca

Contributing Editors: M. Olivieri, C. Chiurco, C. Rossi, V. La Monaca, C. Ceschi, Vovo

News Division: S. Antoine, M. Burton, L. Manson, A. von Flüe 

Head of news and reviews: V. La Monaca

Graphic Designer: Vovo©

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